One thing about becoming a parent is that you have to do what works for you.

Saturday, September 15th the weather was a mix of sunny and cloudy and by afternoon the sun was warming up the city. It felt like a spring day and now that my older one is dropping her nap, we decided to not fight it and let her stay up this afternoon. My younger one had napped like a champ that morning so we decided to stay out for more than three hours. (Parents of young children know what I am talking about on the bands of nap time.)

After playing in the park for a couple of hours, it was nap time for my little one and we went for it. We walked around with our double stroller and within 15 minutes both were sound asleep. Cue the bells and fireworks, but don’t wake my babies.

My husband was on the hunt for a place for us to sit outdoors and enjoy being outside as adults. After hunting around a bit, I remembered a restaurant with an open storefront in the summer. We get there and there is outdoor seating, but it is packed. I spot three tables in a closed outdoor section and I appeal to the manager.

“May we sit at those tables outside? We have our double stroller.”
“I don’t have a server for that section, perhaps you can sit at this table?” He motions to a table near a closed window. I express my concern of getting the double stroller in the right place.
I push further, “Can we sit at that table and I can order at the bar?” I knew this was against their order and added, “I have two sleeping kids and this isn’t going to last much longer so I have to enjoy what I can and am happy to make this work.”
He looked at me and said, “Have a seat and I will send someone over.”
I felt amazing. We parked our kids in the closed section, he brought us menus. We were going to get a couple of glasses of wine and I recommended we get a bottle. My husband laughed and was happy to see me being risky. His girlfriend/wife had not been able to play with day drinking in years and here she was.
We ordered the Etna Bianco “Isolanuda” 2014, a saline, subtle smoky white wine from Sicily. It tasted like the end of Summer. It felt like a miracle and I felt even more relaxed because my children were with me.

Here is to growing with the ones we love.

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