TasteLifeWrite was my official handle on twitter. I loved it because it summed up how I liked to experience life and highlighted the personal reflection and introspective aspects of how I operate with the word Write. It was personal and simple and it was me.

I then got into tech and working in seed stage. After speaking on panels and seeing that it was tough for people to find me, I contemplated on changing my handle. The problem was I really liked it.

A couple of years later, I find that my twitter persona and instagram persona are quite different and TasteLifeWrite was much more well suited for instagram rather than twitter. I decided to go on the journey of changing my handle.

I tried Vanessa with a second word that could express my persona but they were either taken or were not a fit. My married last name is long, it is 9 characters! I was also preferred to not use my last name. Attempts with Vanessaventures or VC were made but then including my industry in my handle seemed off with the persona. Round and round I went.

The other route attempted integrated Spanish words. Since 2016 when my first baby was getting older, I decided to speak to her only in Spanish. It was a tough path to take and get started because I did not speak Spanish everyday. My husband does not speak Spanish. Though my parents are native speakers, they almost never speak to me in Spanish. Being Mexican-American and choosing to live in New York, I yearned to give my children a way to identify with their heritage of Northern Mexico/Southwest of the US. Language was my only chance.

Like starting a rusty engine, I stammered to get the words out everyday, choosing Spanish over English over and over again. Second guessing a conjugation because I had not spoken the language regularly in so long. I have traveled to numerous countries where I have no idea how prevalent English is because I only speak in Spanish when I am there so it was possible but tough for me to do day to day.

Back on the blank field of username, I typed in VanessaDice, which translates to VanessaSays. I loved it. The double meaning of the word was also exciting. Vanessa Dice. Dice/ risk taking/ my work in venture. etc. I read it in Spanish every time Vanessa Dice and I smile. I have not tested it on panels yet but it is who I am today. It reflects where I am in my life and that is what was missing from my previous handle.

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