In planning and revising your short term and long term career goals, education is key.  For career education, I read books and have taken courses at General Assembly.  Everything else related to my career learning is work experience based and from attending talks/meetups/panel discussions/etc.  

Coursera is an exciting tool that provides free access to courses from top universities across the globe.  Courses begin on a set date, you may be assigned homework and there may be quizzes.  At the end of the course you can receive a certificate for a fee on the Signature Track, which can be added to your credentials. 

This tool and other vertical specific sites provide a wealth of education that can be applied to your next job.  When planning your next milestone, see what education tools are available for you to meet your goals.coursera-hand_3_large

Last night I attended a meetup and met a woman from the business side of the non-profit world.  She studied on SkillCrush, CodeAcademy, Access Code, Flatiron School, Coursera, and other sites to improve her skill set.  She is now working in iOS development on her own app.  I too plan to take Coursera courses this semester.  Keep learning!

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