I picked up Americana: A 400 Year History of American Capitalism this time last year. It is an historical count of American history told via the lens of innovation and, of course, capitalism. The political environment and economic shifts are mentioned in the development of a new era or deflationary period, but they are generally not the focus. The levers of what moved the needle for causing booms and busts are accounted for and their effects are further detailed around these innovations or movements; to name a few the cotton gin, the telegraph, prohibition, gold, slavery, and even the early stories as to how the pilgrims were financed for the New World. They got a terrible deal by the way, particularly in their later rounds of funding.

At meetings with VCs or crypto people I cannot help myself but mention this book for the parallels of how people are considering new innovative models or economics (or tokenomics in some cases). My love for innovation, tech and economics is welded together in this delightful read and I have gifted it to family. Put Americana on your New Years reading list.

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