After closing we will meet with the founders and have a deeper conversation around early goals, what their plans are, and provide feedback.

Depending on the product stage or stage in seed – because yes, it has become that broad – we will provide help in the following formats.

  • If we are first institutional money in the round then the initial focus tends to be on helping with hiring, referring candidates and connecting our companies with functional experts in engineering, design, marketing or anything they might need.
  • If we are investing in a seed or later seed, then it is more about industry connections, providing access to potential advisors, introductions to customers, and preparing for a Series A.

All early investments eventually level up to this second category.

We work with all of our companies on the story they are telling as they continue to speak with prospective investors. We are always open to make an intro or get an intro to a desired advisor, investor or customer.

I will check in with my founders and follow up on outstanding items throughout the month. I have founders that set up a quarterly meeting for all investors and provide comprehensive monthly updates to investors. These updates include challenges, asks and updated KPIs on growth. Then there are times that the founders are facing a challenge or opportunity where they need counsel and I become an “on call” resource. This will be conducted via text, or phone depending on urgency and timing. In short, I keep things flexible to optimize for a better outcome. The founder then goes back heads down until I check in or they need further counsel.

If no issues are being surfaced then I try to work with them to hash out any challenges that they need to address earlier on before it is too late; from market push back, sales cycles that are lengthier than expected, challenges with conversion, product or growth; to addressing hiring challenges of not finding the right candidate, motivating the team, or dealing with the wrong hire in a key role. I try to help them with the blind spots and push them to prioritize their responsibilities as CEO and for the company.

It is an honor and pleasure to work with the founders that I have invested in. We celebrate their wins and candidly push them when they need it. My biggest ask to all founders is to call us and/or keep us up to date. We can only be as effective as you allow us. Share your challenges and opportunities with us. Your success is our success.

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