Running an angel group like New York Angels is time consuming and loads of fun.  Within the community, I receive many referrals to meet with entrepreneurs, investors and newbies to the community.  This is an exceptional community and many of us are motivated by the idea to make great people be more effective faster, easier.  We want ideas to be realized and for people to get to know their business better.

Earlier this season referrals continued to flood my inbox, the wasted time in setting up a meeting and multiple emails was inefficient.  Now, when I accept a referral, individuals are directed to a custom google form and then to a doodle form to pick a time slot on a Thursday mornings.

The google form requests basic information which I can review prior to the meeting.  The doodle details location to meet, allows you to elect only one time slot and it is done!

Format: Short, over coffee/tea

How to prepare: Review the New York Angels website and my blog to answer any of your early questions.  Know your specific requests and make sure you have an understanding of what you want me to know about you by the time our meeting is over.

Goal: To answer your questions, get to know your startup and/or more about you, provide feedback and find out anything that I can help with.  There must be next steps.  Note – I trust for the you to follow up with assigned next steps, if you do not, then I cannot be helpful.  Help me, help you! 

See you at my next meeting!


English breakfast, Early Grey, or the rare, delightful Americano for me











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