Entrepreneurship is on the rise in University curriculum and more people want to crack the code to be the next big success.  There are also education options online, adult education courses, meetups and heaps of books to tell you how to be successful.  Many of the good young entrepreneurs I meet are working hard, building a business and getting things done.  They are doers.  If a class in entrepreneurship is going to teach anything it should be focused on getting something done.

William Reinisch teaches entrepreneurship.  If you want to take his class to learn to put a pitch deck together, then this class is not for you.  I was thrilled to hear this as I tend to see  programs produce great presenters with no real product yet, they have been limited to talking about their concept and have done very little.

This course ends with each student demoing his or her product.  If you do not know how to build your product, then you find a way to learn.  He encourages his students to think, build and work towards their product.  The class emphasizes agile development and finding, talking to, and testing with customers to get real feedback.  His students are thinking and doing.

It is also a good lesson to not wait for funding, there is plenty one can do without raising capital.  You can learn about your customers and iterate on your product and so much more.  Bill teaches his class at Columbia and NYU.












Image source: http://www.bottomlineperformance.com/


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