I took a Blogging for Business class at GA ages ago and there is nothing more practical to getting your blog done than  simply doing it.  I had been writing daily for the summer and with enough comments and encouragement, I have migrated to WordPress – land of blogs and on a self-hosting service.

As advised, I found a theme online and made the great migration from blogger.  Though WPEngine had great reviews, my server had a DDoS attack and the site was down for over 30 hours.  I told a fellow community member of the DDoS attack and he encouragingly commented “I wish I was cool enough to get a DDoS attack….That’s so cool.”

Thanks Gary!

To know which elements are needed to set up a successful wordpress blog, take Blogging for Business at GA.








Image sources: http://www.hattrickassociates.com/; http://catstechnology.com/


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