Once an application is submitted, the investors are involved from the beginning of the process.  Applications for funding are reviewed by industry experts.  This process works and we have funded companies from a cold application.  It is rare, but it has happened.  

It helps if you know one of the angels and they have already talked to you about your startup.  Referrals do help in the process, but is not a guarantee.  The angels do go to startup events, demo days, pitch events, meetups, and more.  

Your Application
The power of putting your business into words demonstrates how you are thinking, what you are planning and how well you do at expressing your business as it will effect how you approach problems, customers and potential partners.    

Strong applications that interest the angels do make it through to screening and we do look at everything.  The angels participate in the community and we stay aware of what we are seeing in the market.  

How to apply?
Visit the NYA website and review criteria.  Submit a complete application via Gust and share to New York Angels.  Here is when we meet.  

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