Part of getting it done is having tangible concrete action items to help you get where you need to be.  I was speaking with a friend that has a major project to take on and whilst we discuss the first big action item, I ask (knowing his bad habits), “When will you have it done?”  He sighed and mumbled on about being so busy with work.  I inquire about his business partner and it was the same excuse but with less structure.  Both of these people do not plan thoroughly or institute structure to achieve mid to longer term goals.  But they do set and sometimes keep short term goals.  
This reminds me of Groundhog Day.  An entertaining film where a less than polite weather man travels to a small village in Pennsylvania to report on Groundhog Day.  He wakes up and it is the same day, over and over again.  In the time he spends there he learns to play piano, gets to know everything about everyone in town, learns to sculpt snow, and becomes more cultured.  He also does a number of funny things when quite frustrated with the situation by capitalizing on people’s mistakes and finding creative ways to meet women as well as attempting to save the life of a dying man.  

The thing to remember is people always wish they had more time when the reality is you have eternity right here and now.  This life is your limit.  The countless hours, days, weeks and months are just a progression of time and can be taken on to achieve anything you want.  Yes, Bill Murray had the advantage of a semi vacuum where he was able to interact with the same day to day, but that is hardly disruptive, there is always something going on in life – business deals break, loved ones get sick, party invites come in last minute, and that is all part of the progression.  In order to achieve your goals, you need to dedicate yourself, plan and maintain focus.  

For my friend mentioned, I emphasize what they already know how to do.  Set shorter term goals and meet those while fully knowing where the next milestone lies.  I will help as I can but it takes them to get it done. 

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