Dreamit Demo Day was this past Wednesday, the same day I was less than well hence the delay.  There were a total of 15 companies and they did not do music intros or have a cheering section.  Each had their well prepared pitch and a table setup for investors and press to visit.  Most accelerators plan on having well prepared pitches by their portfolio companies and the quality of this DreamIt batch was consistent and well executed.  
The DreamIt New York program is broken into three groups:
  • DreamIt New York – their general accelerator program
  • startl – an education focused accelerator they partnered with for this class
  • DreamIt Israel – an accelerator program focused on Israeli startups that begin a program in Israel and then continue with the DreamIt New York program

DreamIt New York
Miner provides relevant content and coupons based on where you are at the moment. Dubbed as a location based commerce network, they are providing a way for vendors to leverage mobile devices in a given location to drive more sales.  Sounds familiar?  Of course, but it lies in the execution and worth testing out.  There is also a treasure hunt feature as game to unlock specials.  

Stylr helps you shop for what you need within a certain area.  Search by category, and filter by color, price, size.  Stylr is building an online layer of shopping to the offline world.  They have 1,000 locations and one million SKUs.  Results indicate they are driving foot traffic to store. 

Game Press is a drag and drop game development app on the iPad for iPad games.  I have my nine year old nephew testing this and I look forward to playing his games.  Programming experience is not required.  Create, play, sell.  

VP View

TouchBase enables objects to be embedded with digital content in physical objects using ink and conductive pattern printing with probabilistic error correction.  They plan to license tech to companies and organizations.  Benefits of NFC without the cost of NFC chips.  

Perkle is a SaaS solution fundraising platform in the form of profile, widget or browser extension.  It is the online answer to the coupon books sold to support causes.   They have customers signed up and name brands interested in partnering. 

WeDidIt is a crowd fundraising tool for nonprofits to embed on their website.  Saves money on fundraising and is for web and mobile. Allows supporters to also accept payment on behalf of nonprofit using their mobile.  
wireLawyer is LinkedIn for lawyers, an online community of small to mid size law firms to generate quality client leads.  Additional perks include news feed, and a contracts database.  

Callida Energy provides recommended solutions for limits on energy and comfort level for commercial buildings.   Callida is automating energy optimization.  


Trade up is an education platform for job seekers.  Based on the skills you have the program recommends education and courses for the skills you need to acquire, in order to make you qualified for specific job opportunities.  

HeyKiki is an aggregator platform for classes.  Customers can search by activity and location.  The Kayak for classes.  

CreatorUp is an e-Learning platform to make and market your own videos.  Focusing on small businesses to help increase their reach online by providing video content messaging, marketing and visual storytelling.  This provides value to site to drive customers.   

DreamIt Israel
Mimoona provides crowd voting for fashion trends and inventory for designers’ websites.  
With more designers, the data collected can help forecast fashion trends. 

Instrumagic is an iPad app to play guitar for all the people who really wish they played an instrument and empowers musical expression.  App is free plus content sales.  

Trippin’ In aggregates data of social media feeds and reviews on an hourly basis.  As the founder said in his pitch, “Big Data. Hyper Local.”  They are working with a major mobile partner to enhance local recommendations.  

Image source: http://www.dreamitventures.com/

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