There are certain pillars in the startup community that are worth mentioning.  Gary Sharma is such a pillar and his guide is the best you could subscribe to learn of events in the startup space.  It is curated, informative and welcoming.  If you are trying to break into the startup space, Gary’s Guide provides listings of:

  • Events – Informative meetups, hackathons, accounting advisory, startup sponsored events and more!
  • Classes – for programmers and non-programmers, free to paid courses, covering different aspects of early stage companies and adopting tech to improve your business
  • Jobs – also for programmers and non-programmers; If you are looking to jump industries and/or job function, an internship may be a good place to start.  
  • Deals – Access and discount to events 
Why sponsor the tie?
Gary is everywhere.  He goes to all events and it is always good to see him.  Ask him about the company on his tie and you get to learn about a new up and coming company.  Gary is also a good person and his work emphasizes the New York startup culture of an engaged community.  Learn more about sponsoring the red tie.  
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