Prioritize what must get done
vs what needs to get done

Taking a sick day is not the same from corporate when you work in an early stage startup or a small business.  There is no one to cover for you or to help pick up your slack “while you are out”.  The New York Angels is a small organization with one full-time employee and one part-time employee – that is the bandwidth.  

The problem with this is that you really cannot take a full day off, some meetings still need to happen, there are some things that still need to get out the door and emails still need to be answered (based on priority of course.)  

Sleep when you need it!

Practice social responsibility and do not take meetings if your illness is contagious.  

How to continue working in a small business setting

    • Take breaks
    • Know your limits!
    • Sleep when you need it
    • Keep eating
    • Stay hydrated 
    • Sleep when you need it! 
    • Keep doing what absolutely needs to get done
    • Don’t beat yourself up for not working your usual fully packed regular work day.  The world still goes on.  
Yes, blogging
is still allowed
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