My intern team runs from 5 to 8 interns at any given point throughout the year.  I structure internships using a three pronged solution, the internship role will have a:

  • Responsibility in operations to run the day to day of the business
  • Project or duty that will impact his or her experience and growth; It has to be something that will be a sell on the resume for his or her next opportunity
    • Defined by the intern’s previous experience and what it is they wish to gain from working on my team
  • Request  
    • This is for interns that perform well.  This request can range from meeting with an investor with an interesting background or promoting their project to the network, etc.  It is open ended and up to the intern to define, within reason, of course.  
This solution gets work done, makes a great operation and keeps a motivated team.  The work quality and morale remain high and I ensure that they are learning as well as gaining benefit from working with the investors.  Interns should be learning and gaining experience.  It is also helpful to make it fun and makes your life easier.  
Interns need to get it done!
Helpful tip: Rockstars make the best interns.  Rockstars are ones that get it done and add value and they may have some quirky hobby or quality that differentiates them.  
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