For the last two nights of events, I had not refreshed my source of business cards in my bag.  At first I thought O No… then I instead of just taking someone’s card, I started tweeting at people I met.  It was much faster to do this than sending an email.  At first, I did send an email to someone I know that I needed to meet with for coffee sooner rather than later.  The tweeting, however, was a great way to interact early on instead of an exchange of business cards.  

No business cards, no problem. Tweet!

I rather enjoyed not being tied to a business card.  The purpose that I did miss was the marketing value of having my card on hand and for it to later stay with the person I met.  

The other twitter use was for a friend I had not seen in awhile, I tweeted to her and sent the link to my blog. 

The business card is not what it used to be, but it is still a physical product that serves as a great marketing tool.  

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