Moving more and getting exercise makes you happier, smarter and can help you live longer. New Yorkers work, a lot…!  We are always trying to do more and a work day in most of the competitive industries can be quite intense.  Then you enter Startup Land where people are working on trying to get their concept to become a real business and the hours working and intensity of work increase significantly.  

Here are some basic ways to ensure you keep moving during your work week:

  • Walk more often – Sitting for hours on end is unnatural.  New Yorkers do walk everywhere and we prefer it, but take breaks to clear your head.  Particularly in the winter when the days are shorter, get up and go outside for a walk.  It will clear your head and refresh you before diving in to more intense work sessions.
  • Bike to and from locations using Citibike. I ride to and from work, plus meetings throughout the city.  On Thursday, I had the fun to bike to my office, Tribeca, Financial District and then back to upper Chelsea.  That bike is heavy and you do get a good workout.  
  • Push ups! When working on a tight deadline, in between meetings, or you just want to feel your blood move, stop what you are doing and do some push ups.  You may not have time for a stroll, but pushups are a good way to get your heart rate up.  Also for females, this will help strengthen your upper body.  I have been known to do this and I love it! 
  • Yoga – I am a huge fan of yoga.  Yoga targets more muscle groups in your body than traditional gym routines.  Think about your first yoga class.  People sometimes comment that they feel they are not doing much during the class, but then are quite sore the following day.  It is because you are utilizing more muscle groups to achieve the asanas (poses).  Doing some light yoga, can help keep you from tightening from sitting too long or from typing continuously.  
    • Stretch your sides  – Lift your arms over head and reach to your left with your right hand over head, opening up your side body.  Feeling the space between your shoulder and hip opening up.  Breathe.  Repeat other side. 
    • Stretch your chest – Interlace your fingers behind your back and broaden your chest forward.  Do not emphasize an arch in your back, but more about finding the length of your spine to further broaden your chest.  
    • Half Sun Salutations – Do poses with each breath. Inhale and exhale in mountain pose, inhale bring your arms up with palms facing each other, exhale fold forward into a standing forward bend, inhale straighten your spine and lift half way, exhale fold forward, inhale come to stand and bring your arms up, exhale palms together in mountain pose.  Details of sequence are here.  
Keep moving.  Live better. 
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