There is a major push to see more women in tech, startup companies and in venture capital.  There is not a week that goes by where the issue is not addressed and I am proud to see many people showing their support.   With all the concerning statistics, I have to say that New York startup ecosystem is thriving.  I constantly meet many female founders and female investors.  Women exist in the startup community and this segment is growing!

At New York Angels we believe in funding great young startup companies, the gender point is not a filter for selecting who proceeds to screening day.  The investors seek interesting investment opportunities that will one day realize an impressive return.  I have told people that as we are evaluating companies and the management teams backgrounds, we are fixed on evaluating the opportunity.  Come screening day, we meet the founders in person and then surprise we discover teams of women!  Meaning we are interested in the opportunity and at the end of the day we are evaluating the entrepreneur, idea, market,  and other criteria around the opportunity. 

I do know that there are still more men than women in this space, particularly when I am at Le Pain Quotidien on a weekday morning and there are only women waiting to order.  No men in sight!  I quickly realize how rare it is for me to be around so many women at once and that I generally work with men!  It is great to experience it.

Again this segment is growing and a lot of these people in this space are actually happy to meet and work with women!  I am happy to participate in more events to encourage the growth of this segment.  

Many compliments to the groups supporting this segment from Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, to Golden SeedsGirls in Tech, Girls who code, Women Innovate Mobile, NY Tech Women Meetup, 500 Startups, skillcrush, Astia, and many more! 
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