FinTech Demo Day has companies of early and later stages all trying to solve big, complex problems that are challenging to execute given the barriers to entry in the market.  The companies were mostly B2B and worked closely with mentors at banks to understand how to be “must have” and not just a “nice to have” feature.  The lab works with the Partnership Fund for New York City.  

Every company that presented not only thanked the Innovation Lab and all that it did to help them, but detailed the benefits realized from this program.  This is all exciting because this is a very hard thing to do and it was done very well.  Breaking the market of legacy enterprise software and getting to work with potential customers to run pilots is huge in this space.  

Congratulations to FinTech Innovation Lab, Partnership for New York City, Maria Gotsch, and all of the mentors!

FinTech Innovation Lab 2013 Class

#1 Password Management App in App Store
A dream for online checkout 
Seamless and leverages other ways to manage your payment methods smarter
Makes web apps accessible and usable from a secure financial desktop without having to download the web application; works on PC or Mac without having to change the code design.
Centripetal Networks 
Allow service providers to clean the Internet before it comes to you 
They are addressing the dramatic increase in malware since 2006 as the number of cyberattacks continues to rise. 
Human insight at machine scale 
Understanding the reporting needs for investors, clients, managers and all perspectives around a financial product or asset class that has heaps of financial data; it then processes it into understandable reports
Delivering the future of storage by transforming the datacenter 
Ceph, the open source storage system, is being implemented into larger corporate clients to address the growing data storage problem 
Tablet based interactive content for financial service companies
Helping companies do business better by integrating the use of a tabler more frequently

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