Citibike has hit New York and people are riding.  I can count at least 3 citibike riders at any given point when I am on 8th or 9th avenue south of 34th street.  The numbers lend themselves to this truth.  There has been a total of 1.4 million miles ridden since launch and there are over 50K members.  See Citibike data here.

Things to know about Citibike: 

  • Wear a helmet – You are on the road with cars and I know people that have had bike accidents in this city – everyone of them was grateful they had a helmet, particularly when they found a crack in their helmet.  Ladies it is easier for us, clip it on to your bag and consider it a new fashion accessory.  
  • Jam the bike back into the station – When you return your bike to a station and the light does not turn green, pull the bike out and ram it into the station.  This was advised by Citibike personnel as many of the stations are new and there is a small sensor that needs to be activated to put a pin through the bike to lock it.  Hitting the sensor hard is advised so you do not go searching for other stations.  Try it gently at first, but do not think it is broken – just try again.  
  • Wear shorts ladies! – I almost always wear dresses.  Keep a pair of shorts with you.  
  • Citibike app is not reliable – Survey the area you have to bike to as stations will fill up and the Citibike app does not always have the latest information.  Use common sense, know the areas that you regularly visit to know when “parking” will be available.  I do believe they are doing everything they can to improve this.  

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