It was four year ago this week that I left my safe corporate gig during the 2009 post-financial crisis meltdown and record spikes of unemployment.  I wanted something more, something interesting, something challenging.  The role I had felt limited and not challenging enough.  When I reached for more challenges, I felt a culture of “do less” or take your time in this project – “enjoy the easy.”  
New York is the capital of many competitive industries – finance, fashion, art, now tech (more so than it was 5 years ago), theater, etc.  Why not figure out where you want to work and how you would like to work by challenging your convention and safety net. From one end to another, I decided to go into something where I had very little background, I explored contemporary and commercial art galleries to learn their inner workings and their business models.  
It is about finding fit.  For me, I know I would rather be challenged in a position to create value and to constantly evolve what I own.  Challenging yourself in new different ways is very important.  The control to your happiness and progress is up to you.  I learned that if you are not learning enough, or allowed to take on challenges, then change the way your life is running.  Drawn to the startup world, I thought of where I might fit – what interests me, what do I want to do, and what do I want to own?  
I could not be happier to be at the New York Angels and learning as much as I am and facing new challenges to run an optimal organization.  If you are feeling stuck, ask yourself why, and take action.  Find out where you want to be and look at how you want to get there.  Always ask for help when needed and accelerate your potential.  
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