What I learned at the bit.ly breakfast panel of What your blog can do for you
Being a successful blogger is about
  • Cultivating relationships and community
  • Being current, not passive, by responding to current things
  • Keeping your identity and differentiate yourself from the noise in the market
  • Knowing your audience – know what people want to read
  • Being passionate about your focus because you will grow well with it.  
On growing community, the panelists recommend learning about people behind the community, such as other online bloggers that touch on the subject you are focusing on.  Talk to them, build relationships, and interact with them.  Also, allow community members to post what they want to see by featuring their writing.  
Blogs create opportunities, it’s an activity to show what you can do and can lead to superficial perks as one panelist mentioned or to help you transition careers successfully.  Blogging is special as it has a huge learning curve.   I’d like to see it as the opportunity is what you make it to be.  
Panelists recommend to choose topics wisely, protect yourself as you need to know who you are talking about and how that might affect their business, and treat your blog like a baby, it needs you to grow and needs you all the time, even when you go on vacation or stay late in your day job office.  
All panelists recommended wordpress (sorry blogger!) and one panelist, who uses wordpress, recommended if starting a blog today – use tumblr!  -due to the community effect and reach.  They also recommend if you want to move to wordpress, do it earlier rather than later, because data migration is an obstacle.  
Thank you bit.ly!  I had attended the Blogging for Business class at GA and though this was helpful – it always helps to hear multiple people with experience harping on the same best practices.  
Onward and building….
Image source: thisisonline.org under Minnesota Gardening


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