In January 2012, I started working at New York Angels, a membership based group of angel investors.  We fund startup companies.  Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, would explain his bigger vision of angel investing within and beyond the New York Community and the leadership role of this organization.  To execute on this grand vision, I worked with the members and Board of Directors.  What a ride for the next year..!

Understanding the process, the players and what needed to improve was part of the New York Angels’ transformation.  User experience is a high priority when the organization is a membership based group.  What are their expectations?  What will make their experience optimal?  The same had to be considered for our other customers: The Entrepreneurs.  

I focused on communication and process improvement which created the refinement of optimizing meetings.  At the same time, there was a demand to grow the membership base, which we did, by over 40%.  2012 was busy and best of all, it was fun.  Our process is always evolving and the community of New York Angels is strong.  We continue to grow, learn, develop, and share best practices in order to create a more informed and strategic group of investors.  

What was the result?  Providing metrics demonstrating impact are always important.  With the growth of the group, significant increase of attendance at member meetings and creating more opportunities for investors to be involved in startup events, I could not be prouder to announce that the New York Angels is officially ranked as the Most Active Angel Group.  


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