In an effort to make a more accomplished blog, I took a class and was ready to find the best template, plugins, pictures, structures, etc.  In the weeks to months that I was trying to find all of these elements, I learned that the time to research these things was short to non-existent.  People (colleagues, friends, and others) continued to request blog posts and so getting it done seemed more important than awaiting an alignment of all my ideal elements.    I also learned that my ‘blog’ was already seeing traffic from my social media pages.  

Lesson Learned: “Done is better than perfect.”  From Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In reference of Facebook’s office posters.   

With that I encourage people who are thinking of getting something started to break that big mountain of a future achievement into realistic milestones.  If it is leaving your job, starting a business, launching a blog, learning a language, losing weight or redecorating your home, then break down the elements that will get you from where you are today to where you want to be in concrete, manageable milestones.  

Then get those milestones done!  My goal is one blog post per week.  First get started by knocking off a few manageable milestones regularly then you can challenge yourself.  Always keep yourself challenged, it keeps life fun.  

Milestones are most effective with deadlines.  Set them, stick to them, and get help, input, and/or feedback as needed.  Anything to help propel you towards your goal effectively should be welcomed.  

Remember Done is [so much] better than perfect!

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