Whilst building your company, raising funds and once you have your money raised, it is smart and useful to keep key stakeholders, influencers, investors and potential helpers updated.  

The best format for an update I received from a young startup company is below.  Remember to be particular on this distribution list to those that would value your updates, and be valuable to your company.  

Here’s is what to include:

  • The Major Update 
    • What is the major news that you want people to know about your company? 
    • If they only read one update on this email – list it here.
  • Asks  
    • What do you need to help grow your business?
    • Intros, advice, their experience, specific things you need where you are lacking in functional or domain expertise
  • Good News 
  • Bad News 
    • For both the good and bad news section, keep it real and in your voice.  The clear update that makes the stakeholder feel that he/she is getting to know your company and team better is all positive.
  • Weekly Plans or Monthly Plans
    • What will you get accomplished this week/month?  
Clean, simple and easy.  People can receive this, review quickly and have an understanding of items that they may act upon.  


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