The number of pitch and startup events has exploded in New York.  It used to be easier to find the quality as some early pioneers had useful experience, but now the noise is getting louder and like any booming industry one should be more cautious with whom they are doing business.  

I asked an entrepreneur why he agreed to speak at a less than useful event and he said, “I’ll go anywhere they invite me to speak…” I did not understand someone building their business that was not concerned with how he was spending his time.  The people sponsoring the event could not assist in funding, nor was there any potential gain of customer acquisition.  The hosts and targeted audience were completely off point for this person’s startup and after further discussion, he realized it.  

The time and energy it takes to build a business is substantial.  How you use your time and energy with regards to your startup says a lot about the thought you put into your choices.  It is an indicator of how you will run a company and the probability of your success based on these choices.  

Find the value for your startup in what you do, who you meet, and where you go.  Budget your time and energy as you do your finances – for it is a marathon and an adventure.

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